These Could Be The Best 29 Online Colleges in America

We were able to find this article which lays out clearly the advantages and disadvantages of attending school online.  Best Colleges In America gives their 29 top schools along with the points that the divvy out to schools.

One of the largest attractions to an online school is the freedom that it gives when completing assignments weekly.  Assignments are given and assignments are due.  This gives the working family member some freedom to still be engaged in family life, work and college to better their career and earning capability.

Below are the rankings. 

29 Best Online Colleges in America

The 29 Best online Colleges in America. Students who earn their academic degree online have a long list of universities and colleges to choose from, as against students choosing from attending a few local schools. Online institutions across the United States are now accessible, and many do not know much about such programs yet.

Students who study online programs often find out that they can finish more interaction with friends and have a greater ability to concentrate.

Online programs do help create deeply satisfying learning experiences for the students and allow them to work, raise a family, and even achieve other important personal goals. They provide a good course structure, high levels of student assistance and strong student evaluation and assessment. As regards learning online, the student often mistakenly believe that the online program is cheaper. It is true that online education may need less money than normal classroom education, but there are always hidden charges that are not included in the sticker price, like technology fees.

For people who wish to further their education online, below are the best online colleges in America.

Minnesota State University

Best Online Colleges Score: 2 Points

The online extension at Minnesota State University offers six undergraduate degree completion programs and five minors. The school also offers eight graduate programs, and several education certificates and K-12 licensure programs. Undergraduate programs include International Business, Technical Communication, and Urban Studies.

Students will find educational technology, teaching and learning, and communication studies among the online graduate programs. Seeing as the undergraduate programs are completion programs, students will need to transfer in their general education credits.

Fort Hays State University

Best Online Colleges Score: 2 points

The Fort Hays State University features 19 undergraduate programs, 27 if you count the assorted concentrations in both the business and education programs. Among the available bachelor’s programs are programs in business, education, education, philosophy, political science, justice studies, sociology, marketing, and psychology, among others.

The graduate programs at Fort Hays State University are designed for working professionals looking to pave the way for career advancement. Some of the available graduate programs are MBA, Educational Administration, Liberal Studies, Nursing Administration, and Special Education.

Liberty University

Best Online Colleges Score: 2 points

Liberty University is an evangelical Christian university that offers 30 distinct undergraduate programs online, around 50 if you count all the concentrations available for each major. Liberty focuses on providing students with practical programs that will prepare them for success in the careers to which they aspire.

The school integrates biblical principles into every program, seeking to provide students with a strong ethical education in addition to the practical aspects. There are several options for graduate programs as well, the vast majority of which are in education, business, and religion.

Robert Morris University

Best Online Colleges Score: 3 points

Robert Morris University offers ten distinct, high quality online undergraduate programs. Among the programs offered are English, Economics, Psychology, Nursing, and Business Administration.

Robert Morris University offers 13 graduate programs, including Nursing Education, Engineering Management, MBA, RN to MSN, and Organizational Leadership programs. Robert Morris University is designed to be convenient for working adults and non-traditional students looking to add some diversity to their resume and advance their careers.

University of Minnesota-Crookston

Best Online Colleges Score: 3 points

The University of Minnesota, Crookston is the campus through which the majority of the University of Minnesota online programs are offered. Thirteen programs are offered through the Crookston campus, including programs like Marketing, Manufacturing Management, Communication, Finance, and Accounting.

There are also minors in many of the subjects covered by the majors, so there is plenty of potential for mixing and matching areas of specialty to create a program that is tailored to you and your career goals.

Columbia College– Columbia, Missouri

Best Online Colleges Score: 3 points

Columbia College was founded in 1851 and is bringing its century and a half academic tradition to the online market. The school offers 13 distinct undergraduate programs, including programs in business administration, computer information systems, criminal justice, history, political science, English, nursing, and sociology.

The graduate school features online programs in educational leadership, business administration, criminal justice, and military studies.

Northern Arizona University

Best Online Colleges Score: 3 points

Northern Arizona University houses one of the most prolific online catalogs in the United States. Students may choose between forty-five distinct programs, undergraduate programs, and over twenty-five graduate programs.

The school is ranked among the top 100 schools offering online bachelor’s programs by U.S. News, and the business programs are AACSB accredited. Nearly all of the courses are offered in both online and blended formats.

The programs can be taken wholly at Northern Arizona University, but the school is also very accommodating to transfer students, striving to make the process as cost-effective and painless as possible.

Old Dominion University

Best Online Colleges Score: 4 points

Old Dominion offers a wide range of programs online with over twenty-eight distinct programs to choose from at the undergraduate level. While many schools offer the same core of five to ten programs, at Old Dominion students will find many options not readily available among many online catalogs.

Among the programs offered are Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Special Education among more traditional offerings like Business Administration, Communication, and Finance. The program also offers 29 graduate programs, including programs in aerospace engineering, public administration, and several nursing specializations.

South Dakota State University

Best Online Colleges Score: 5 points

South Dakota State University is a nationally ranked public university. While the school doesn’t offer as many programs as some of the others on the list, it does offer five undergraduate and nine graduate programs.

Among the undergraduate programs on offer are Interdisciplinary Studies, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, and Sociology.

Graduate programs on offer include Educational Administration, Mass Communication, Nursing, and Public Health. The South Dakota State University Office of Continuing and Extended Education was established to provide more support to distance learning students.

North Dakota State University

Best Online Colleges Score: 5 points

North Dakota State University offers six distinct online programs including Sociology, Journalism, Human Development and Family Science, Public Relations, and minors in Psychology, Sociology, Gerontology, and Human Development and Family Science.

The Human Development and Family Science program has three different concentrations that allow students to specialize in a particular area.

The school also offers thirteen graduate programs online, including programs in Speech Communication, Transportation, Merchandising, and a new program in Educational Leadership. Many of the programs are offered both in an online and blended format.

University of South Florida

Best Online Colleges Score: 5 points

The University of South Florida offers eight undergraduate degree completion programs. All upper-division courses in these programs can be taken online but students will need to transfer in the remaining credits which consist of general education courses.

These general education courses can be taken at any other accredited university, but the most common method is to take them at affordable local state universities and community colleges. The University of South Florida really shines in the number of graduate programs the school offers.

28 programs on offer span eight different categories including Public Health, Medicine, Engineering, Sustainability, Business, Arts, and Education.

Texas Tech University

Best Online Colleges Score: 5 points

Texas Tech University features several undergraduate programs, among them some pretty unique options. While some of the options are various interdisciplinary completion programs, students can also study Biology, and Plant and Soil Sciences.

While the undergraduate school may not offer many programs, the graduate school offers fourteen, including Horticulture, Agricultural Education, Software Engineering, Technical Communication, and Multidisciplinary Science. The school also offers numerous minors and certificate programs.

Ohio University

Best Online Colleges Score: 5 points

Three of the seven fully online bachelor’s programs at Ohio University are brand new for the 2014-2015 year. Among the programs offered are Nursing, Applied Communication, and Criminal Justice.

There are also some undergraduate programs that allow distance students to complete courses via offline, print-based correspondence. Ohio University also boasts 14 online graduate programs, including programs in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nursing, Health Administration, and Business Administration. Ohio University is accredited by the AACSB for both its business and accounting programs.

University of North Dakota

Best Online Colleges Score: 5 points

University of North Dakota’s undergraduate program selection is unique because it is one of the few schools that offer undergraduate engineering programs, and not just one, but several, engineering options are available with programs in electrical, mechanical, chemical, petroleum, and civil engineering.

The University of North Dakota also offers programs in social science, nursing, and communication. The number of graduate programs is double that of the undergraduate programs at twenty-two in total.

Central Michigan University

Best Online Colleges Score: 6 points

Ranked number one among online bachelor’s programs by U.S. News and World Report, Central Michigan University is certainly worth a long look from any student considering online degree programs. In addition to the online program’s accolades, the school itself is also nationally ranked.

Central Michigan University, like many of the top online schools, has fully adopted an online Global Campus similar to that of Penn State and Colorado State University. The school features nine distinct undergraduate programs including Business Administration, Political Science, Psychology, and Engineering Technology.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Best Online Colleges Score: 6 points

The AACSB accredited Collat School of Business at the University of Alabama is responsible for spearheading the university’s foray into online education. The majority of programs available are in business and while the University of Alabama doesn’t have the widest selection of programs overall, their selection of business programs at the undergraduate level is comprehensive.

The accounting program at the University of Alabama has been accredited by the AACSB since the year the accrediting agency began accrediting accounting programs separately from business programs. Among the programs offered, students will find Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Marketing programs available at the undergraduate level. Graduate programs are where the University of Alabama branches out.

University of Cincinnati

Best Online Colleges Score: 7 points

The University of Cincinnati offers eight undergraduate programs. The school is ranked nationally and sits in the top one hundred schools ranked for online bachelor’s programs. The school is embracing innovation in education on several levels.

This innovation is demonstrated through its for-credit online programs, and also through offering a Massive Online Open Course, which is free to any student though not technically for credit. The first Massive Online Open Course offered by the school had attendance from over fifty countries and the class numbered over 2,000 students.

Utah State University

Best Online Colleges Score: 7 points

Utah State University offers eight undergraduate programs along with four minors, and eight graduate programs. Undergraduate programs on offer include Agribusiness, Economics, Liberal Arts, and Psychology.

The graduate program offerings feature some strong choices like Engineering, and Human Resources. The school also offers professional education licensure and endorsement programs as well as professional development programs aimed at helping teachers transition to the common core.

The undergraduate programs feature four minors: Anthropology, History, Sociology, and Spanish.

Colorado State University: Global Campus

Best Online Colleges Score: 7 points

Colorado State University was among the first to embrace online education to the extent of establishing a campus through which the university system’s online programs are administered. This streamlined system of programs makes it easy to see what programs are available from the Colorado State University system.

Thirteen undergraduate programs are on offer from the Colorado State University-Global Campus including programs in Accounting, Management, Communication, Public Management, and Marketing. The school also offers 13 graduate programs and a program designed to help those working on their masters simultaneously earn their teaching credential.

University of Massachusetts Online (Amherst)

Best Online Colleges Score: 7 points

The University of Massachusetts, University system has been a growing number of online programs offered for years. We link to the central hub, which lists all the programs offered online by all campuses.

However, the most prolific campus in Amherst, and so the statistics used for this ranking were those of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The University of Massachusetts system offers a selection of concentrations for a broad BA program, allowing students to customize their degree to meet their needs.

There are also numerous other programs on offer, including Psychology, Business Administration, Liberal Arts, and Information Technology. The University of Massachusetts also offers more than twenty graduate programs from various campuses in Public Health and Nutrition, Public Policy, Engineering Management, and Applied Linguistics.

Oregon State University

Best Online Colleges Score: 7 points

Oregon State University is a top public university and one of the top fifty schools offering online undergraduate programs. The school has committed to online education in a big way with 17 undergraduate programs on offer.

The school also offers programs at an incredibly competitive price, at $271 per credit for undergrads regardless of residency. The school offers quality programs identical to the traditional programs and taught by the same renowned faculty.

Some online undergraduate programs include German, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Psychology, and Horticulture. Oregon State University also offers a unique online program in Computer Science.

Arizona State University

Best Online Colleges Score: 7 points

Arizona State University offers an astounding 39 distinct undergraduate programs, including unique offerings difficult to find online at any other school such as Art History, Film, Operations Management Technology, Software Engineering and more.

Arizona State University is also one of the only prominent schools to offer an online doctoral program in behavioral health. Students will also find many graduate level programs on offer, including programs in Engineering Science (Software Engineering), Systems Engineering, English as a Second Language, History, Industrial Engineering and much more.

Northeastern University

Best Online Colleges Score: 8 points

Northeastern offers eighteen undergraduate programs and is adding more every year. Many major universities spent some time testing the waters regarding online education, but the more it succeeded the more they embraced it and that is what has happened with Northeastern.

For a top 50 university to be offering such a quality selection of programs is incredible for online education and future students. The selection of graduate programs at Northeastern University

is even more prolific featuring programs in finance, informatics, engineering management, public administration, and both masters and doctoral programs in education.

University of Missouri

Best Online Colleges Score: 9 points

The University of Missouri offers eight high-quality online programs at the undergraduate level. Many of the programs, such as Hospitality Management, Radiography, and Respiratory Therapy are unique programs difficult to find offered online.

Students seeking to go into those fields are in luck because the University of Missouri is considered by U.S. News to be in the top 100 nationally ranked schools, and top 50 for online undergraduate programs. The hospitality management program has a capstone course that requires students to pay a brief visit to the university allowing working in a hands-on situation with the school’s renowned hospitality management faculty.

University of Florida

Best Online Colleges Score: 9 points

The University of Florida boasts 13 undergraduate programs, four of which are completion programs and eight of which are full four year online programs. The undergrad programs offered include Business, Health Education and Behavior, Biology, Geology, and Digital Arts & Sciences.

The University of Florida shines in its graduate program offerings, though, with well over 30 distinct programs. Especially worthy of note is the University of Florida’s extensive offerings in graduate engineering and agriculture, programs are also offered in communication, Latin, pharmaceuticals, business, and arts education.

The University of Florida also offers more doctorates online than most institutions with programs in classical studies, pharmacy, nursing, and education.

University of Wisconsin System Online

Best Online Colleges Score: 9 points

The world of online education is going through some growing pains. Many state university systems are creating a cooperative between their various campuses that collaboratively comprises their collection of online offerings.

Thus sometimes data and rankings are more readily available for some campuses than others. The takeaway, however, is that even though the ranking authorities haven’t caught up to the way some schools are doing things, the quality of online programs is going to be consistent across a system that takes this approach.

The data we have pulled for the University of Wisconsin System Online represents the top rankings of schools offering online programs in the system. The University of Wisconsin system collectively offers well over 30 undergraduate programs, more than 40 master’s programs, and two doctorates, both of which are in nursing.

University of North Carolina Online System

Best Online Colleges Score: 9 points

The online system of the University of North Carolina system can be slightly complex. The system as a whole has created a hub for all the online programs offered by all the campuses. Some campuses are more expensive than others, some offer more programs than others.

Thus the statistics used for this ranking were pulled from different schools, always taking the highest ranking in a category. This is how we operated with all major university systems organized this way as they seem to be moving toward offering programs collectively.

University of Illinois System Online

Best Online Colleges Score: 10 points

Courses at the University of Illinois Online System are offered from all three campuses of the school; Urbana-Champaign, Springfield, and Chicago. The University of Illinois offers a great selection of high-quality online programs.

Among the twelve undergraduate programs, students will find such programs as Computer Science, Business Administration, Philosophy, Mathematical Sciences, and Nursing. The system shines in its graduate programs with over thirty total programs on offer.

Among the graduate programs, students will find Political Science, Public Health, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Drexel University

Best Online Colleges Score: 10 points

Drexel has always prided itself on being at the forefront of innovation in education. This school was the first to require every student to have access to a computer. As one of the best online schools, Drexel has recognized the potential of computing from the very beginning and it is only natural that the school should embrace the powerful format of online education.

Drexel offers a massive selection of online programs, most of which are at the graduate level. There are eleven undergraduate programs offered including programs in Education, Business Administration, Communication, and Psychology.

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